Organizing The Refrigerator Creates Healthy Eating Habits

Did you ever give thought to the positive aspects of organizing the refrigerator? Even though many of us would be embarrassed to admit it, the refrigerator can often become a chaotic jumble of items making it unpleasant to open up to find something edible.

Many times this becomes the main reason why a person will opt to go out and get fast food because their refrigerator is such a haphazard mess, they don’t even want to venture to see what they find.

One of the best ways to turn this around is to ensure your refrigerator is a positive attribute in your kitchen. By organizing the refrigerator from top to bottom you will create a sanctuary in your kitchen where you will be able to turn to for something healthy to eat. Just this alone with help alleviate the need to ever have to go out and purchase unhealthy fast food which may be the initial inspiration you need to effectively tackle the weight loss process.

Take Time When Organizing The Refrigerator So You Eat Healthier

Keep in mind that losing weight in a natural manner is 70% dependent on your nutrition. This is the number one reason why it is so beneficial to have a refrigerator and freezer properly stocked and organized with healthy food and drink choices. When you are successful organizing the refrigerator, it may potentially turn your entire daily eating habits around.

Once you are done organizing the refrigerator you will be much more inclined to open it and get something that’s there. You may also find that by cleaning out all the nooks and crannies in your refrigerator and freezer you will gain more space since items are often forgotten (especially on the bottom shelf) and may have passed their expiration date.

As you are organizing the refrigerator be more critical of what you allow inside. Do you really want to have those 12 cans of soda in your healthy fridge? How about instead keep a gallon of water and a basket of fruit there at all times.

Will it really be healthy for your body to have two gallons of ice cream and other frozen chocolate sweets in your freezer? Why not switch those choices for some frozen yogurt? You can even create your own healthy dessert treats by cutting up some fruit and freezing each piece in some nonfat flavored yogurt in an ice cube tray or on a cookie sheet/pan. Makes a delicious healthy snack you can even take with you in small plastic sandwich baggies.

In addition to storing meal leftovers, plastic containers and baskets come in a wide variety of sizes and are perfect to organize items inside your refrigerator. You can use one basket to store all your healthy portioned travel snacks. Another basket for fruit. Use one for yogurt and another for healthy drinks, etc.

Also don’t forget the advantages to plastic travel containers and freezer Ziploc bags. These useful tools are perfect to store leftovers for future use. Just be sure to label the container/bag with the name of the food along with the date it was prepared so you know exactly what’s inside and when it was cooked.

Organizing the refrigerator is one of the first and most important steps you should take to start developing daily healthy eating habits. The refrigerator is the heart of the kitchen so make sure it is one that provides healthy nourishment for your household and you will find yourself creating a more healthy, fit life.


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